NEW DLC ILL Gotten Gains Part 1!


The DLC is called ILL Gotten Gains and the content of this DLC is on the roof!

The DLC includes:

Four new cars! and Two new planes!

Image Name Description
grand-theft-auto-5-dlc-pegassi-osiris Pegassi Osiris The new super car, Right now this car is the fastest car in the game, What do you think?
grand-theft-auto5-dlc-albany Albany Virgo a new olden day but new car looks nice if you customized it in the right way, what do you think?
grand-theft-auto-5-dlc-windsor Enus Windsor the new posh looking car, looks good with or without customized, what do you think?
grand-theft-auto-5-dlc-stirlingGT BenefactorStirling GT
 The new ‘James Bond’ Car looks good in my opinion what do you think?
grand-theft-auto-5-dlc-luxor-deluxe BuckinghamLuxor Deluxe  The new gold plated plane! what do you think of this luxury plane?
grand-theft-auto-5-dlc-swift-deluxe-helicopter BuckinghamSwift Deluxe  the nice gold plated helicopter, what do you think?